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Welcome to Deus ex Pax.  We are a raiding guild on the server Cenarius.  We are actively recruiting all classes for ICC runs.  If you are looking to apply please find your way to the applications portion of the forums.  We sometimes raid ToC and Ony as a guild, but do not focus on it.  Do not rely on us for your non ICC raids.  We are recruiting for ICC 10 and 25.  Go to our forums section to apply.

Marrowgar: Down
Deathwhisper: Down
Gunship: Down
Saurfang: Down

Festergut: Down
Rotface: Down
Professor Putricide: Down

Dreamwalker: Down
Sindragosa: Down

Blood Princes: Down
Blood Queen: Down

Lich King: Up

We raid ICC at 8 on Fridays and Saturdays

Friday: ICC 10
Saturday: Ruby Sanctum 10
Saturday: ICC 25

We use a modified dkp and nks combination.  You can earn dkp for raiding and contributions to the guild.

Dkp Awards:

Showing up 15 min early fully prepared: 2 
Boss kills: 1
Raid Completions: 1 (For ICC 1 per wing clear)
100g: 1 (Maximum of 10 dkp per week)
Primordial Saronite: 10 dkp
Further Contributions: you will be awarded by GM's discretion 

DKP Costs:

ICC 25: Half your current dkp
Failure to show after signing up: 10 dkp
Late arrival after signing up: 5 dkp

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